The black doctor of a white accountant who fucked up his knuckles and his coloured lawyer’s jaw or vice versa. I mean the coloured lawyer could’ve been the doctor’s patient, either with a sore hand or jaw, told me the other day that Zuma is a goner.

Work on your writing, Jax says. Easier said than done, I think, but here I am saying the Singing, Dancing, Stealing, Laughing, Fucking #1 is a goner (again), repeating what the black doctor told me about what happened when the accountant the coloured lawyer and what they all agreed upon when the Indian nurse poured oil, spirits and libations on the troubled waters and peace returned to the land, if not immediately to the hurt hand of whoever struck the blow or who received it on the jaw. I have to concentrate on my driving and couldn’t give the story, however compelling, my full attention.

They all agreed on just one thing: Surely this time the centre cannot hold as new fronts open against the SDSLF#1 and his band of palookas every single day? We all know that this is Zuma’s endgame, but forget about his stranglehold on the ANC (don’t forget that he is in fact strangling that organisation to death) and look at the ‘army’ he has at his disposal and who is arrayed against him as we go into the final round.

If ever a man has decided to march into a last battle that may well see him ending up spending his last days in jail if he loses, Zuma could not have chosen a worse set of ‘generals’ if he tried. Foremost among these is ANCWL leader Bathebile “I’m not drunk and manyana skeletons” Dlamini. Need I say more? Yes, I’ll add Sassa and social grants and the picture of rank criminal incompetence is complete. I would not share a luxury hotel with her and to have her in the same ‘trench’ as I in my last battle, would scare the shit out of me.

Then there’s Colin ‘Oros’ Maine, the middle-aged ‘youth’ ‘leader’. I can see I’m going to run out of inverted commas long before this piece is done. These people are usually the very antithesis of what their nomenclature describes them as. I mean Oros as ‘leader’ or ‘youth’? Oh, come on, be serious.

The so-called ‘Premier League’ is comprised of the ‘leaders’ of the poorest performing provinces. That already tells you something about their ‘calibre’ as people. If they weren’t such disasters as premiers they would’ve been jokes, but this ain’t funny.

Sorry, I quickly slipped out to go and buy more inverted commas because my work here is not done.

Let’s now look at the ‘spearhead’ of the Save Zuma campaign, his ‘ex’-wife. Could he have chosen a more blunt and dull instrument? Methinks not. Besides who in his or her right mind will vote for more ‘Zuma’? That ‘brand’ stinks to high heaven and with each passing day the smell gets worse and reaches further into Zuma’s heartland as was witnessed by him being booed off stage in ‘Premier’ Ace Magashule’s Free State on Worker’s Day. You gotta love that.

Before I look at the vast army arrayed against Zuma, let me tell you about a not insignificant event that happened on 11 or 12 April. The Daily Sun’s front page was devoted to the launch of the Save SA campaign. The People’s Paper with its deep reach into Zuma’s core rural support base went political and anti-Zuma in one move. Think about it and you’ll see it’s not insignificant.

So who is against Zuma? The cities are. This was amply demonstrated in the ‘racist’ (see what I mean with the inverted commas) marches against the wannabe tyrant. People from all races, religions, ages and social standings took time off to go and show their immense displeasure at that buffoon and his cronies across the country. As I’m writing this Clarens is marching against the wannabe tyrant. Clarens!

The Shembe are! There about three to six million of them depending on whom you ask. Once again a significant number from the rural heartland that Zuma claims to own. Coloured lawyers, black doctors, white accountants, Indian nurses, ordinary workers as in Cosatu and you and I are. Everybody, but his close cronies are. In short, everybody is against the filthy fucktard and his incompetent cohorts fucking up our land.

I can go on about the best and the brightest of the country coming out every day to lambast the bastard, but suffice it to say that the law is against Zuma. The Constitution wants to be rid of him and slowly but surely it will prevail. We should make sure it does.


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  • Lee Pitts says:

    Well said, it`s time to clean house

  • John Wayscooter says:

    Well phrased, that man. Post widely.

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