Uber Tales (34)

I sit at the carwash and think I should use the time to write something, but what? There is the curious case of Carl the serial canceller. Now Carl, what little I know of him, is an Uber Assist passenger, meaning he probably has some sort of disability. That is what Uber Assist is all about although many people accidentally press that button which is great for me in quiet times, but also a bit like parking in the disabled parking bay when you’re not disabled. A bit rude and inconsiderate, what?

Anyway, I first make the non-acquaintance of Carl on a quiet morning in Rooihuiskraal. Ping-ping-ping goes my device and I thank who or whatever we atheists thank for Uber Assist because it is such a call and it is very quiet.

The call comes from one Carl. I switch off my Taxify app and on my Waze navigation app and start the car. I’m hardly out of the blocks when Carl cancels. I sigh and I reverse back into my shady spot where I switch what needs to be on, on and what needs to be off, off.

I had hardly done so or my device goes ping-ping-ping. A lovely sound on a quiet morning in Rooihuiskraal. It’s Carl again. I sit tight. Carl cancels. I laugh out loud. Carl is on a sticky wicket if he really wants an Uber Assist but doesn’t want me.

I know this because not all Uber drivers are Uber Assist drivers.

Ready to assist you Carl…

I had to fill out a lengthy questionnaire to qualify for Uber Assist and despite being drunk while doing so, I apparently did it right. In Carl’s case it might well be that I’m the only Uber Assist in the whole of Rooihuiskraal. Carl calls and cancels again. I laugh again. What does Carl have against me, I wonder, oh I wonder?

Now Carl gets clever, or so he thinks. He gets his pal Andy to order a cash trip for him … from the same address. Andy cancels. This could have gone on for a bit but then I get another trip and drive out of Carl’s range.

Had the story ended there, it wouldn’t have been worth telling. It didn’t. I sit under a tree in Blairgowrie the next day. It is still quiet. Ping-ping-ping! It’s another Uber Assist trip! Thank goodness! It’s another Carl! I stay put. Carl cancels. I laugh out loud. Another call, another Carl who cancels.

Now, I’m not making this up. I sit under a tree, this time in Bryanston on the same day and lo and behold Carl calls and cancels again. What are the odds? What does Carl have against me? One would probably never know.

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