Uber Tales (14)

Uber Zen Branding

“I also didn’t know I had problems until Sunday morning in Kempton Park,” I reply to Petro. “That’s a beautiful opening line for a novel,” her friend Steven says. “I don’t write novels. I’m into short form,” I say.

The day is cold and overcast. It’s blustery too. A harbinger of rain? I hope. Who knows? Good weather for ubering, but my car is having its panels beaten. “How long before ‘uber’ becomes a regular English verb?” I wonder. “To uber, or not to uber? Is that the question?” I wonder.

I look at the car after its first day at the panel beater. “It’s a work in progress,” Koen, the panel beater says somewhat apologetically. I decide not to uber. The car looks like something patched together in a backyard in Bosmont.

“I’m spending money I’m not earning, but I decided that it would be bad for my brand to pick up people in that.” “Bravo,” says Steve, the lecturer in brands. “Why didn’t you let the insurance take care of that?” Petro asks. “I had passengers to take care of first and besides, I’m new to the whole insurance and financed car thing. I also vastly underestimated the cost of panel beating.” “At your age? That’s quite something.” “Should I be proud or ashamed?” I wonder.

Sir Eric comes along and we go through our little ritual. “King Chuck.” He bows an elaborate bow. “Greetings, Sir Eric, I trust calm has been restored to the provinces?” With a raised eyebrow, I shoot him a quizzical glance. “For the time being, My King.” “Then hasten back there and see that it stays so before we need to strike another blow.” “That is my current errand, My King,” Sir Eric blows off.

Chuck in Car

ChuckV: The Brand

“Everything is so fucking banal. Banal, banal! Thank you for existing,” says Petro. Best compliment ever. She kisses me. “I should trim my mustache,” I think.

I’m slightly (and even pleasantly) alarmed at my Zen-like calm in the face of what would’ve been a calamity a mere couple of weeks ago. Now, I know how things will go. They will be touch and go, I know. I let Petro go. I know she wants me to buy her airtime, for her feet. I know, but I let her go.

With my car being there and me being here, I give my feet a rest on the cold tile floor. They love it. I tile my world with words. Sometimes clean, sometimes broken, sometimes mosaic. Like me now.

I take a bottle of wine home and think of my brand. I’m slightly (and even pleasantly) alarmed to think that I have a brand. Be sure to know that I do not consider myself to be a brand. My brand is UberChuckV and ChuckV is not me. He is that polite, almost obsequious, guy who drives your Uber car. I’m not that guy. You know.

But back to the business of Kempton Park on Sunday and the stupid guy hooking my passenger door with his by opening it wide without looking. That was a problem, but I had passengers aboard and getting my guests to their destination safely is my priority. I also vastly underestimated the cost of panel beating.

The R3500 little bumper rub with the Gautrain bus in Sandton compounded the problem. It was unsightly. Unsightly is bad for my brand. My panel beater assures me my car will look brand new once he is done. So, the problem is no more and the only thing missing is money. My month-end will be a bit of a battle. Kinda touch and go, you know. “Life is a battle and you better be in it. The rest is just the rest,” I tell Petro, who exhorts me to see things from a brand new perspective.

Thus, and I say this with deep regret, to all my longsuffering creditors, you’re back to the back of the queue. I argue, briefly, by email, with Uber and Facebook about my brand. It is now ChuckV. Stay calm and know it.

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