Uber Tales (12)

Uber Coincidences

I pick up Nandi from Walton Avenue in Auckland Park and drive her to 410 Jan Smuts. She’s nervous, she tells me, because she’s going to the first day of an internship. Five weeks and about 410 trips later, I pick up Nandi again from 410 Jan Smuts after the last day of her internship. You may not think that’s worth writing home about, but consider the magnitude of the coincidence.

Many, if not all, of my Uber guests ask me how they can get me as their driver again. I have to tell them that it is impossible. It’s part of the charm and excitement of my ‘job’. I do not know where I’ll go next and with whom. I’m also constantly delighted by the little random coincidences filling my days. The doubles, like Nandi, are one of these.

Nandi’s case is interesting for the first and last days of her internship, but seeing that her pickup and drop-off points were the same and vice versa, perhaps not so much. Still the double of Angie’s elderly father, Tony, who has to go for dialysis at the Linksfield Medical Centre on a weekly basis is worth a mention. I pick him up in Norwood and take him to Linksfield.

Simple enough, but I still have to be the closest, highest rated Uber to him at the very moment when Angie hits the ‘Request UberX’ button. Long odds, yes? (For some reason my heart always skips a beat when an Angie calls me and I’m always a little disappointed to get a Tony.) Tony is Italian and the cold of Joburg gets into his kidneys. I close the windows and sweat the trip out with the aircon on full blast.


Nandi, who inspired this story and who had her birthday yesterday (26/0816).

Happy birthday Nandi!

When I mention the case of Nandi, my friend Kevin, who is that way inclined, finds a thread discussing the very odds of getting the same passenger twice on some international Uber forum. It would appear that the odds are very long indeed. One guy on the forum mentioned that he has picked up the same people twice in the neighbourhood where he begins his day. That shortens the odds considerably, but still. It has happened to me in Melville twice too now with Steven and Ruhan.

I like to think that I know many people in Melville, but so far I’ve only managed to pick up two friends and five acquaintances, and none in Melville. The friends were Adi in Braamfontein and Kutlwano in Melrose Arch.

Clearly if you’re going to be in the same spot a lot, like I am at the Rosebank Gautrain Station, your chances of picking up daily commuters Albert and Ruan for the Vox Telecoms run or Anette for the Wanderers Office Park more than once if you’re there at the right hour are good, but how about Sandra who comes in at various hours and goes to various destinations? I’ve had her thrice.

Now consider the case of Collins. I first picked up Collins at the Spar in Fairlands, he tells me. I can’t remember where I dropped him off, but many days later, I pick him up again from the Multichoice customer care centre on Oak Street in Ferndale. Fairlands and Ferndale are worlds apart. Now that’s something, you’ll agree.

Then there’s Thomas. At first glance, Thomas takes the cake. Thomas takes the cake, not because I picked him up once in Sandton and dropped him off in Bramley or that I picked him up in Bramley and dropped him off in Rosebank, but because I pick him up the second time while writing this story. Then I remember that I also picked up Tony and Collins while thinking about writing this story. So it’s really no big deal.

Okay, I forgot about James who lost his leg in a bike accident, but he lives in my neighbourhood, so he doesn’t really count. Etu and Christian who were almost back to back doubles in Kempton Park yesterday were too late to be included in the story.

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