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50 Responses to “Subscribe to Posts”

  • Eleanor says:

    Let it not be said that I am not supportive.

    • Chuckv says:

      I distrust yahoo addresses immediately … but thanks for the support.

      • Michele says:

        please don’t distrust yahoo addresses …. i need people like you to make me laugh ….we are in such a sad sorry state !

        • Chuckv says:

          Hello Ian and Michelle at yahoo … thanks for the comment but get a gmail address all the same … it’s so much better. Look how happy I am.

    • Chuckv says:

      Oh fuck!!! It’s ELLIE! Get a Gmail address already and get your fat black arse to Brixton. We have shit to discuss!

  • Skhotheni says:

    Clearly it shows that you getting your niche back…It shows from your concinity posts……………………Was right being hard by saying you loosing the plot!!!

  • Angie says:

    May I please join the gang?

  • Witch Twin says:

    Okay, so now I’ve finally subscribed. Do I get a badge to wear promoting your “cause”?

  • Kate says:

    I’m back reading your blog Charles!

  • Chuckv says:

    My happiness knows no end!

  • Neal O'Donnell says:

    Ok, Chucky, now I’ve subscribed as well so you had better have something to say!! Oh, and do have a safe trip with and without my Angelique

  • Chuckv says:

    It’s chuck…V Mr O’Connell!

  • Chantel Lovett says:

    Very entertaining xxx

  • Chuckv says:

    It took you a bit of time … but in the spirit of Xmas I bid you a hearty welcome.

  • Chuckv says:

    And thanks for the compliment … enjoy your feestive…

  • Chuckv says:

    No reply Mr O Connell?

  • Neal O'Donnell says:

    Ah, Chuck..V! So good to get things right for a change… hope Oyster bay hasn’t been sunk by global warming…

  • Chuckv says:

    You’re so right Mr O’Neal!

  • CasperCV says:

    I hope you trust gmail!

  • CasperCV says:


  • Albertus says:

    Charles – lekker om jou gisteraand te ontmoet het – sal jou volg op jou swerweringe

  • Darwinia says:

    Darwinia is also now Chukv positive.

  • foot loose says:

    Can I have a golden broom too?

  • Nita says:

    Vive le ChuckV!

    • Chuckv says:

      Ek het nog nooit verstaan hoe mense hier uitkom om kommentaar te lewer nie maar dankie desnieteenstaande!

  • Lee says:

    So this is day 3 on Champix and I need the golden smoke.

  • Madelein says:

    At last!

  • twolips says:

    Ok, I have subscribed with my new email addy.

  • Carl Raubenheimer says:

    I’m also tired and emotional. Maybe I’m in need of friendship in Melville. Problem is I’m back in Skaapstad!

  • Nice reading about your adventures with the NYB, she is my niece, so I guess I am the NOU.

    I like much your blog, but it took me a whiles to follow it up, this perhaps because the NOM (nice old mother) forwarded it to me at a later stage. Anyway, I want to express that I like your writing, and to present myself: born in the Congo (Kivu) and shipped back to Belgium 9 months later, I guess that the 9 months in the womb and outside made enough an impression on me, resulting in an absolute attraction to African culture (writing, sculpture and absolutely music!). I spent a year in Morocco and another in Ivory Coast (luckily able to visit Mali, Burkina Faso and Ghana). In later years I schooled with Mamady Keita in Djembé drumming in Conakry (Guinéa).
    Just to make a short acquaintance with me, follow this:, there will be an English and French titles. Click on the French one; on the left, click on “infos personelles”, then at the bottom left, click on “Music”, then on “Music links”, it will open a word documents with a lot of music links that you can open with maintaining the CTRL key and push “shift”.
    In the series of links, you will see the “Children Choir of South Africa” that you must certainly know…but check out Manu Dibango! I don’t know what is your taste in music, I love them all, you can check the index of my 645 CDs on the same page as “music links”. I am sure we will write/talk (do you have skype?)in the future. Sobonana futhi.

    • Chuckv says:

      Thank you Pierre. Unfortunately I’m a real Phillistine when it comes to music. I’m 70% deaf in one ear and completely tone deaf in both.

  • Arkenaten says:

    Chuck, I a getting a warning in my email suggesting that:
    This message may not have been sent by: Learn more Report phishin

    I have no idea why, so I have re-registered.
    Just to let you know…maybe there is a problem, or others are experiencing something similar.
    The Ark

  • Elna says:

    Now. Don’t you dare boring me Mr V. Bly te kenne 🙂

  • Desmond says:

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