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  • Bertie Vollgraaff says:

    Just to update you guys. The oldest running pub is the Perserverance in Paarl in the lower end of that long main road. It dates back from 1808. There is also the Perserverance pub in buitenkant street in Cape Town which dates from 1836. A good pub worth a visit ! ( may be the names has something to do with it whilst they are still going)

    Thats my sixpense in the pot.

    Bertie V

  • CasperCV says:

    Interesting. I thought it’s the Pick and Wistle, Bathurst.

  • Lisa says:

    i’D forgotten how colourful the language is!!

  • Lisa says:

    Hey chuck…hope you well..take Care!

  • Lisa says:

    Because when I go to letterdash I am reminded that you are on your own web site so I pop in to see how you doing. I try and get to your latest story but not sure if I get it each time!! I enjoy your humor!!! 😉

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